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The Abandoned Faithful: Sovereignty, Diplomacy, and Religious Jurisdiction after the Haitian Revolution (under contract with the Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture Press).

Jean-Jacques Dessalines: Freedom or Death (under contract with Yale University Press, Trade Contract).

with Nathan Perl-Rosenthal, The Toussaint Louverture Papers Project (Digital Humanities project in progress).

with Chantalle Verna and Nadève Ménard, critical edition and translation of, St. Victor Jean-Baptiste, Le Fondateur Devant l’Histoire, (Imprimerie Eben-Ezer, 1954), (in progress).


Julia Gaffield, Haitian Connections in the Atlantic World: Recognition after Revolution, (The University of North Carolina Press, 2015).

  • Winner of The Mary Alice and Philip Boucher Book Prize, French Colonial Historical Society, 2016
  • Reviewed in: American Historical Review, The William and Mary Quarterly, Reviews in American History, Hispanic American Historical Review, Journal of Latin American Studies, Journal of Haitian Studies, International Journal of Maritime History, Journal of Global Slavery, New West Indian Guide, Choice Reviews, Latin American Review of Books, The Americas, The Journal of Modern History, Almanack-Guarulhos, and H-Diplo

Julia Gaffield, editor, The Haitian Declaration of Independence: Creation, Context, and Legacy, (The University of Virginia Press, 2016).

  • Reviewed in: American Historical Review, The William and Mary Quarterly, Small Axe Salon, Journal of Social History, Slavery & Abolition, New West Indian Guide, and Early American Literature

Refereed Articles

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Book Chapters

2017     Julia Gaffield, “Reading Declarations: Universal Rights, the Local and the Global,” in Understanding and Teaching the Age of Revolutions, Ben Marsh and Mike Rapport, eds., (University of Wisconsin Press, 2017).

  • Reviewed in: H-Diplo

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Public Scholarship

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