Media and Presentations



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Featured Alumni, Caribbean Studies Program, New College at the University of Toronto.

Recent Presentations

2016      “The End of the Revolution?: The Haitian Declaration of Independence,” American Historical Association: Annual Meeting, Atlanta, January 7-9.

2015      “Haitian Diplomacy after 1804: Sovereignty and Trade with the British Empire,” Haitian Studies Association: Annual Conference, Montreal, October 22-24.

2015      Co-authored with Philip Kaisary, “‘From freedom’s sun some glimmering rays are shed that cheer the gloomy realms’: Dessalines at Dartmouth, 1804,” After Revolution: Versions and Re-visions of Haiti, Institute for Black Atlantic Research, University of Central Lancashire, July 8-9.

2014      “The British Empire and the States of Hayti,” Society of Early Americanists: Special Topics Conference on London and the Americas, 1492-1812, July 17-19.

2014      Submission co-authored with Jane Kamensky and Susan Lanser, “The Age of Revolutions,” William and Mary Quarterly and USC-Huntington Early Modern Studies Institute Workshop, May 30-31.

2012      Panelist, “Adventures in the Archives: Discovering the Treasures of the Age of Revolution,” The Age of Revolution: A Whole History, The New-York Historical Society, January 21.